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Last Updated: 4/19/2022 6:47 PM


Attention Class of 1972 - 50th Class Reunion



For over seventy years the Homer Alumni Association has played a rich and rewarding role in connecting and supporting our Homer alumni.  The Homer Alumni Committee transferred the Homer Alumni Association Scholarship and the Kathy Hickerson Mills Scholarship to HACF in 2020.  Contributions can be made to HACF.PO Box 201. Homer, MI  49245 or via our website at

Dear Homer Alumni:

We hope this letter finds your memory of Homer Community Schools a good one and a valued one.  If you remember our alumni banquets, that at one time, were mandatory to attend, then you are showing your age. How about Baccalaureate? It was a part of the passage to the cap & gown moment.  What about reading and writing cursive.?   How times have changed. 

The stage plays, the music from the dance band, the  excitement of the ball games, Sadie Hawkins day and dance, snake dance through town, the floats representing our classes and the big moment, the crowning of the homecoming  king and queen.   How about square dancing at the elementary school, classes at the community building after the school fire?  Now, memories worth keeping and cherishing.   Who would have thought?

This jog down memory lane reminds us just how fast time goes by.   If graduation day for you was only a few years ago or many  years ago, one thing is important, that we all have something in common.  We are all Homer Alumni.   This common link is what we would like to address now. 

Our former alumni association set up two great scholarships with the (HACF) Homer Community Foundation to reach out over our timeline to continue the legacy that the Alumni Association had created for many years.   As an alumnus, that makes you a member of this wonderful link we have to each other

Our oldest scholarship is the “Dewayne Ballentine Scholarship”.  This scholarship  was  recently merged with the “Class of 1959 Scholarship”.  Each year a scholarship for each will be given out prior to graduation.  The applications are reviewed by the committee and  recipients are then selected, by the committee, with assistance from HACF.   A graduating senior or an alumnus furthering their education are qualifying principals for this scholarship.   

Our latest scholarship is the Kathy Hickerson Mills Scholarship.  To apply for this scholarship, the graduating senior will be attending Kellogg Community College.  Also, they may not be in the top 10 of  graduating senior class.  Our review committee is again involved in selecting the recipient with assistance from HACF. 

We would hope you will consider contributing to one or both of these scholarships, either in memory of a loved one or a general donation to either of the scholarships.  Any amount will help keep our legacy alive and continue to reward our alumni with a well-deserved boost to their dreams. Please consider donating today. 


Homer Alumni Scholarship Committee