Technology Support

Are you having technology issues?  Here are some tips to try or people to contact:


Getting Started

To connect to Wifi, you will need to click on the small radar symbol in the bottom right corner, located next to the battery icon.  Click on this same icon when the menu pulls up.  Your Chromebook will search for available wifi.  Be sure to select the one you want to use.  It will then ask you to enter the appropriate password (a password is required for the jetpacks.)  All passwords are case sensitive, so it is important to type it actually as it appears.


How to Find the Password in the Jetpack

Once the jetpack is on and connected, you can click the power button to scroll through the menu.  After the device name, the next screen will show the password.  This is what you must enter into your Chromebook for it to connect.


If you are getting the message "Data Usage is not available at this time"

Verizon has experienced an issue with their system that they are aware of, in which devices initially have been activated and then they get deactivated.  if you hare getting this message, it means that your service has been deactivated.  Please send an email with your device number to and we will follow up with Verizon.


How to Login to Your Chromebook

When you first open your Chromebook, you will need to login using the username and password provided to you by the school.  It is case sensitive, so please type the password exactly as it appears.  


How to Check Email

Once you are logged into your Chromebook, you should see the mail icon at the bottom of the screen.  You can click this to go directly to your school email.  You can also access your school email by clicking on the word "Gmail" located in the top right corner of the screen.


How to Access Google Classroom

When you are on a new tab, you should see nine little dots in the upper right corner of the screen (by Gmail).  This is your menu where you can access many of your important features for Google.  You can find mail here, your calendar, your drive (which is where you can save documents), but it is also where you will find Google Classroom.  Click on the picture that looks like a chalkboard with the word "Classroom" under it. If you have already joined a classroom, it will show up here.  Clicking on a classroom will take you to the information for that individual teacher. 

If you have NOT joined a classroom, then click on the plus sign (+) in the upper right corner, and select the words "Join Class".  You will need to enter the code that your teacher has emailed to you.  If you do not have a course code, then please email your teacher requesting this.  


Are you still having problems???  We want to help!!

If you are experiencing issues with your school login or password not working or any other technical issue, please contact:

Duane Sitkiewizc, Director of Technology


If you are experiencing issues with your Verizon jetpack connectivity or any other issues related to your online courses, please contact:
JoEllen O'Keefe, Director of Instructional Services


If you are experiencing difficulties logging into Google Classroom or do not have your class code, please contact your classroom teacher.  All teacher emails can be found HERE.